Oral Aesthetic and Rehabilitation


Oral rehabilitation reestablishes the aesthetic, function and oral health, with the goal of returning the client’s mastication ability, oral hygiene and well-being. The adequate rehabilitation process includes a study of the current situation through a panoramic x-ray, analysis by our specialists, determining adequate measuring and auxiliary exams and a detailed procedural plan, always with full transparency and attention to the client’s needs.



Dental implantation is an inovative technique to replace loss teeth and fixation of complete prosthesis in cases where there is no bone structure to retain them. Come meet us for a consultation with our specialist.

Fixed Dental Prosthetic


Fixed dental prosthetic consists in preparing teeth that are generally destroyed by cavities or big repairing procedures, serving as pillars for a bridge that is cemented onto them, returning the feeling and function of real teeth.

Removable Dental Prosthetic


A removable dental prosthetic is the most economical way of returning the mastication functions, not always the most aesthetically pleasing but nonetheless very efficient.



Teeth whitening is, without a doubt, one of the most sought after aesthetic treatments. However, it is extremely important that it be performed by professionals. This allows you to obtain a more pleasing expression, returning confidence and comfort to your smile. It is common for the teeth enamel to suffer changes with time, after a root canal, or the effect of substances such as tobacco or even tea. Our team is available to find the best whitening solution (total or partial) so that your smile shines again, as healthy as natural-looking.

Dental Procedures


Because oral health is as multifaceted as important, we have available the most varied treatments for tooth restoration, pain control, gum rehabilitation and prevention. With or without symptoms, a regular follow-up of one’s oral health is essential. We will be happy to accompany you in maintaining your health and prevention so that you spend more time living and less time solving.



It is the medical specialty that dedicates to treating the tooth’s inner pathology. When cavities reach the inner pulp (commonly referred to as nerve) this should be removed, the bacteria eliminated and the canals sealed. This procedure is called endodontic therapy, most commonly known as root canal. This way, any infection source is removed and it is possible to maintain the tooth in a functional state.



The orthodontic field studies the growth, development and maturing of the facial area, teeth and occlusion (articulation of the bite). Sometimes, small deviations in growth or occlusion development can lead to unpleasant effects as pain, uneven abrasion of the tooth surfaces and difficulty chewing, that can be prevented upon early detection.



Baby teeth, although temporary, are as important as full grown teeth. They help the child to speak, guarantee the space and alignment of definitive teeth and have an aesthetic function that is fundamental in the development of self-esteem. Most baby teeth cavities show up due to difficulty in maintaining good hygiene, particularly in the molars, where a bigger accumulation of food can be found. To prevent the development of cavities, a sealant should be applied that corresponds to a layer of resin over the mastication surface of the tooth, protecting it from bacterial aggression.